HERE WE GO: Nicki Minaj Has Some Words For Mariah Carey On New Reality Series (Watch)

Nicki Minaj landed a reality series on E! and now the network is ready to air “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” . Recently E! released a new sneak peek of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming reality series “”My Truth” where she has some words for her fellow “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey.

When ask about her rival Mariah Carey, she said, “I think that Mariah met her match this time, and I don’t think she was expecting to meet her match.”

All these cat-fight aside, i am a huge Nicki Minaj fan outside all the profane lyricism and drama you have to consider the fact that this is actually a really talented girl, i get goosebumps when i listen to some of her ‘work’ the metaphors, the wordplay, the Animated voice  is just sheer genius and you just can’t take that away from her. However there are some side drama that tends to distract from her talent “the above ” included, why can’t we all get along?

Watch ist episode here:

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